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New Papers on Late Cretaceous Ornithischian Teeth

December 3, 2011

Over the last few months, two new papers on Late Cretaceous ornithopod teeth have come out. The first, by Caleb Brown and Pat Druckenmiller, described thescelosaur teeth from the North Slope of Alaska and clarified the taxonomic identification of  these ornithopods from this important polar locality. The second paper, just officially published this week, Paul Barrett, Kevin Seymour and I re-identify a putative Iguanodon-grade ornithopod tooth reported by Loris Russell from the Late Maastricthian Scollard Formation, Alberta, as an incomplete, abraded tooth of a large ceratopsid. Although this is a very short contribution, it does remove the only records of non-hadrosaurid hadrosauriforms from the Maastrichtian of North America and suggests they were completely replaced by hadrosaurids by this time.

Brown, C. M. and P. Druckenmiller. 2011. Basal Ornithopod (Ornithischia: Ornithopoda) Teeth from the Late Cretaceous Prince Creek Formation of Alaska. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences. 48 p. 1342-1354. Link here.

Evans, D. C., Barrett, P. M, and Seymour, K. S. 2011 (online advance). Revised identification of a reported Iguanodon-grade ornithopod tooth from the Scollard Formation, Alberta, Canada. Cretaceous Research 33 (1): 11-14. Link here.

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