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Hadrosaur Symposium Book


From September 22–23, 2011, The Royal Tyrrell Museum hosted the 2011 International Hadrosaur Symposium.

In partnership with the Royal Ontario Museum, the symposium brought together palaeontologists, geologists, and palaeontological enthusiasts from around the world to share results of recent research on duck-billed dinosaurs and their kin. More than 50 contributors offered a variety of oral and poster presentations at the symposium.

Duck-billed dinosaurs (Hadrosauridae) are anatomically unique animals with a ~35- million-year evolutionary history restricted to the Late Cretaceous. Compared to other dinosaurs, the group has an exceptional global fossil record. Researchers from around the world are now studying new specimens and taxa to clarify hadrosaur origins, patterns of diversification, biostratigraphy, growth, palaeoecology, and functional morphology.

Hadrosaur Symposium conveners, David A. Eberth (Royal Tyrrell Museum) and David C. Evans (Royal Ontario Museum/University of Toronto), are now compiling and editing the proceedings book from the symposium. The book is tentatively titled HADROSAURS and will be published by Indiana University Press in 2013.

For more information on the symposium, please see this page.


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