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Sketch by Vesalius, 16th Century

EEB362H1F – Introduction to Macroevolution

EEB466H1 – Approaches to the Study of Biodiversity

Undergraduate Research Thesis Supervision

EEB498Y1Y – Advanced Research Project in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

BIO481Y – Biology Research Project ( UTM Students)

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

EEB398H0/399Y0 – Research Excursion: Field Techniques in Vertebrate Palaeontology

EEB299Y1Y – Research Opportunity Program: Lab Techniques in Vertebrate Palaeontology

Work Study/Intern Programs

Sheridan College Intern Program- Scientific Illustration

University of Toronto Work Study Program

Collections Management Internships


EEB 1100H F – Faculty Research Course


I am always looking for motivated graduate students. I take graduate students through the Department of  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) at the University of Toronto. A wealth of information about graduate admissions is available on the EEB website. I strongly encourage interested students to apply for funding from NSERC (for Canadian citizens and permanent residents), Ontario Graduate Scholarships, or NSF (for US citizens).

For information on my current Graduate Students, go to the Personnel page.


Interest from potential postdoctoral fellows is welcome. Potential post-docs should apply for funding from NSERC (for Canadian citizens and permanent residents) or NSF (for US citizens).


If you arrange a meeting with me, please go to the security desk at the Staff Entrance of the Royal Ontario Museum. The Staff Entrance is beside the President’s Choice School Entrance (aka South Entrance), and opposite the main Bloor Street entrance through the Crystal. The security desk is through the double set of doors at the Staff Entrance. Please ask for me at the security desk, and the security officer will call me and let me know you are waiting for me to come down and sign you in. Directions to the Royal Ontario Museum can be found here.

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